Repainted Coopers Can air filter housing

Coopers air filter cans have been repainted

The original 1967 Coopers air filter cans have been repainted and are ready to install on the classy SU carbs that are on my...
1967 MGB GT engine carburetors and air filters after cleaning

I’ve been working on the 1967 MGB GT for 6 weeks

I started working on cleaning the my 1967 GT six weeks ago and while I haven't got a huge amount of work done on...

Hyper-reality future is pretty scary stuff

Keiichi Matsuda produced this cool video of what our world might be like sooner than we think. We are getting close with Google Glass...
Hot Russian rally babe

Vintage Russian cars with Russian chicks

A few vintage Russian automobile ads that are entertaining. Strange locations, strange cars and beautiful Russian women. Makes you want to buy a Lada...
MG Abingdon-on-Thames Oxfordshire

MG Car Badges gallery

A gallery of very cool MG car badges from around the world. Click on the images for larger photos.
MG MGC roadster with very strange looking models

MGC Roadster brochure image

This MGC Roadster sure looks great in the brochure image, can't beat the yellow colour and the very cool bulge in the hood. Love...
MGB coolant flush on February 4, 1971

Flushing the MGB cooling system

When's the last time you managed to get your MGB's cooling system flushed for all of $6.00? Granted, at this time gas was likely...

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