I really want a Lotus Europa John Player Special


OK, I’ve got to be honest with everyone here. I was never an MG kid when I was growing up. My father had bought the totally cool 1967 MGB GT when I was just turning 10 years old and I have great memories of speeding around Southern California going to car races at Riverside Raceway, down to the Palomar Observatory where my father worked and heading to many Los Angeles Dodger games during likely the best period of the franchises history. But… I was not into MG’s.

I was a Lotus fan big time. Jimmy Clark was my hero, Colin Chapman was amazing and I wondered why my father hadn’t bought either a Lotus Elan or a Lotus Europa. Perhaps he was smart! MG’s don’t have the best reputation but it’s a hell of a lot better than Lotus.

I’m still dreaming about my Lotus Europa, have even thought maybe an early Lotus Esprit could be cool ( I have an old Lotus Esprit poster in my office that I bought decades ago!). But there’s sentimental value. I’ve made a commitment to bring my father’s MGB GT back to life and I’m feeling really good about doing it. My neighbors friend was over this summer and said; “you could sell the MGB GT for maybe $5,000 and buy a Lotus but you will have lost the memories”. So true, thanks Isaac for those words of wisdom. Yeah the MGB will stay. If a Lotus arrives it will be in addition to the MGB GT. After 48 years it would be hard to divorce part of the family.

But here’s to Lotus, John Player Special Europa

Lotus Europa Special
Lotus Europa Special
Lotus Europa Special Brochure
Lotus Europa Special Brochure



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