Mercedes Benz Blue Wonder Racing Car Transporter

Mercedes Benz “Blue Wonder” Racing Car Transporter 1955

The Mercedes Benz racing department used this cool transporter, called the “Blue Wonder”, to chauffeur its racing cars to tracks in 1955. It had...
Scalextric MGB Touring Car slot car

Scalextric MGB Slot Cars

I happened to be looking through a few of my slot cars from way back in the 60's and 70's and while many different...

Lots of Minis racing at Portland International Raceway

The Portland Historic Races and ABFM held in September didn't happen this year due to Covid. It's a real shame as the MGB was...

MGB Restoration

Painting the MGB GT rear wheelwells

It's amazing that after puttering on my 1967 MGB GT for about 4 years that...

Rewiring the 1967 MGB GT

Occasionally you wonder whether a job should have been tackled in another way. Rewiring my...

Classic Italian Vitaloni California mirrors for the MGB

The classic Italian Vitaloni California mirrors were fitted to sports cars in the 1950s onwards...

Redoing the interior and door cards in my MGB GT

Another winter job I've started working on is redoing the interior door cards and other...

New fuses and relays for the MGB

Since winter has come I've decided to upgrade the fuse box in my MGB GT....

Lucas Wiring Color Code Key

Most British cars including the MGB were wired at the factory using specific wiring codes...


My sports cars have a newly renovated garage

In many ways the coolest project I took on this summer was removing the 45...

Head detached horseperson sign turned up outside

I live out in farm country and like many rural areas many of my neighbours...


1967 MGB Tourer and GT Driver’s Handbook

I have a copy of the 1967 MGB Driver's Handbook that was provided to you...

Changing tires on an MG MGB Cara Zavaleta style

Here I am slaving away changing the tire on my MGB GT thinking there must...

For the man with the Octagon Spirit…

For the man with the Octagon Spirit... magic in a new shape MGB GT. This...


Are You Staring At My Crisps?

Are you staring at my crisps? Hunky Dorys - Proud sponsors of Irish Rugby

Second Best Shape In Italy

How would you like to get away from it all with the Second Best Shape...

Sun Kissed Grapefruit Chick

Picked at the moment of most tender ripeness by musclebound ranchers these grapefruits are carefully...

Vespa – Les Belles Vacances…

It has been a long time since we featured a Vespa Vixen. Here's a journey...

1990 Budweiser Beer Swimsuit Magazine Ad

Warm Breeze - Cool Brew. Time for a beer!

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