Cara Zavaleta changing the tire on an MG MGB

Changing tires on an MG MGB Cara Zavaleta style

Here I am slaving away changing the tire on my MGB GT thinking there must be an easier way to do it. Well, apparently...
MGB GT ratty looking wiring

Re-wrapping an MGB wiring harness

I haven't been able to work on my MGB GT for a few months now due to bad weather and work but at least...
MGB Part Numbers

MGB vehicle and part number locations

The following illustrations shows where the vehicle identification and serial numbers are located on the MGB and MGB GT. I'll add this to the...
MGB GT at the Targa Floria 1968

Hedges / Hopkirk 12th place MGB GT, Targa Floria 1968

At the 1968 Targa Florio, Paddy Hopkirk and Andrew Hedges finished 12th in the MGB GT LBL591E. This was a very impressive result considering...

MGB Restoration

The Eiffel Tower is a giant jack stand

There was a discussion on the MG Experience web site the other day about cheap...

Painting the MGB GT rear wheelwells

It's amazing that after puttering on my 1967 MGB GT for about 4 years that...

Dupli-Color Hyper Silver Wheel paint is…. boring

What do you think of when you hear the word "Hyper"? I think of cars...

Alligator clips work as fuses in your MGB

I previously published a photograph of the official Lucas Guide to Fuse Replacement on this...

A 1967 MGB needs more than 2 fuses

The 1960's and were a simple time for the automotive industry. Safety features were just...

Good oil pressure in my rebuilt MGB GT engine

It's always nerve racking to start a newly built engine, especially when it's the first...


Head detached horseperson sign turned up outside

I live out in farm country and like many rural areas many of my neighbours...

My three chicks are looking good!

I know, you are likely expecting a Porsche chick, maybe a hot Rigid Tool pin-up...

My MGB GT garage is getting a renovation

We all love our homes and of course our cars deserve a nice place to...


Your Mother Wouldn’t Like It

Here's another YOUR MOTHER WOULDN'T LIKE IT ad featuring a 1972 MGB GT. What strikes...

MG MGB Roadster 1972 brochure

MG MGB Roadster 1972 brochure

MG MGB GT promo photos

Many factory promotional photographs were released of the MGB GT over the years. Here's a...


IDEAL Vintage 1963 TAMMY MGB Roadster #9700

Video of Tammy by Debbie Reynolds The MGB was new for North America in 1963 and...

Full Service MG Garage

Full service MG Garage. Next service 100 miles. I think I'll fill up with fuel...

Why are they called Sabrina bumpers?

Many cars in late 1974 including the MGB had "Sabrina" bumpers installed to conform to...

Well Stacked chick in pickup truck

Cars have trunks and many times women seem to be in them. It's very strange....

Gal in the trunk of a clear Pontiac

What a cool looking Pontiac. How often do you see a clear car with a...

Избегайте резкого торможения

I have no idea what it means as I don't speak Russian... but, pay attention...

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