Tammy had something in 1963 that Barbie didn’t. I must admit though that I didn’t even know who Tammy was until I stumbled across this MGB toy. At least not this Tammy but that’s another story.

Tammy was a 12″ fashion doll created by the Ideal Toy Company that debuted at the 1962 International Toy Fair. This debut was a full 3 years after Mattel introduced Barbie to the world.

Ideal 1963 Tammy doll
Ideal 1963 Tammy doll

While Tammy never made it big time she did have an MGB Roadster. She even had an outfit that was the same colour as can be seen in these photos. Tammy is the doll you love to dress and put in an MGB. What I find most interesting is even the 1/10 scale Ideal Tammy’s Car has rusted just like a real 1963 MGB. Very impressive!

Ideal Tammy's Car MGB roadster
Ideal Tammy’s Car MGB roadster
Ideals Tammy's Car MGB even has rust in the right places
Ideals Tammy’s Car MGB even has rust in the right places
Tammy's 1963 MGB Roadster
Tammy’s 1963 MGB Roadster


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