Having removed the driver’s seat in anticipation of installing my new Mazda Miata seats I had an opportunity to easily poke my head into the driver’s footwell area of the MGB GT. It’s one of those exercises that perhaps shouldn’t be done as I discovered many items needing attention. At least I know what’s going on now and can deal with a few concerns.

The largest concern is a hole in the floor, not totally uncommon but hopefully when I dig in further this will be limited to a small area and will be an easy fix. As well, the return spring on the clutch pedal has broken, not sure if this really matters as the clutch works just fine but something else to look at.

Basically, it just looks ratty down here but I suppose after 135,000 miles it’s to be expected. Worn carpet, missing screws, cracked rubber. Nothing a little time and money won’t fix!

Next up? I guess I’ll explore the passenger side footwell.

1967 MG MGB GT diver's footwell
1967 MG MGB GT diver’s footwell


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