1967 MGB GT engine and gearbox are out of the car


I finally pulled the MGB engine and gearbox out of the car. It all went surprisingly smoothly, no stuck bolts, only 49 years worth of oil and road crud. What a mess that is. I did manage to damage the water temperature sensor which is a bummer as they are ridiculously expensive. Perhaps an aftermarket part will be put in. I’ll be replacing the oil cooler as well, too much of a risk to reuse it with possible bearing metal floating around in it.

The plan at this point is to take the the engine apart and clean everything and at that point asses what if any damage has occurred. I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this one, hopefully it will be a bottom end job only.

The engine compartment looks rather empty without an engine. I’ll take advantage of this and repaint all the other components and the engine compartment itself. Should look really good.

If I get completely out of control… time to redo the front suspension!

MGB GT engine and gearbox, a little dirty
MGB GT engine and gearbox, a little dirty
MGB GT engine compartment
MGB GT engine compartment


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