1967 MGB GT service at 32,000 miles


The MGB went into Peter Satori for its 32,000 mile service on April 19, 1973. Mileage at the time was 32,232. This was a minor tune up with a brake check and clutch fluid level check.. Nothing too exciting!

A new air filter, oil change and lube competed the service at a total cost of $41.36.

At this point the MG has performed well with no major issues. Will it last?

1967 MGB GT service at 32,000 miles - Peter Satori
1967 MGB GT service at 32,000 miles – Peter Satori


  1. All the used MGs I have bought over many years always came with a huge stack of receipts for repairs. The stack of the receipts looked as though the car had been purchased twice if you add up the cost for all the work on the car. Also, old MGs usually came with a bunch of repair manuals.
    Used Japanese cars I bought had few repair receipts, and rarely included a shop manual.

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