1970 MGB GT on Bring a Trailer


UPDATE: Sold for $13,000

There is a nice driver quality MGB GT on Bring a Trailer with about 5 hours left and a bid of $8,500 at this point. If you happen to be interested here’s the link 1970 MGB GT

A few MGB GTs have sold for reasonable amounts of money this past month so perhaps they are finally getting some of the respect they deserve. Let’s see where this one goes.

1970 MGB GT
1970 MGB GT


  1. Having owned and driven several B GTs in my lifetime, I must sat these are cars for places that don’t have hot weather (like where I live in California). Little greenhouses on wheels is what they are. One can install A/C, but it’s quite an undertaking. They did get the styling of the B GT right, as it still is a very pretty car.


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