1973 Oldsmobile Omega Hatchback in a stream WTF


What do you want to do on your next hot date picnic? Apparently Oldsmobile figured this out in the early 1970’s and produced the Omega hatchback. Pretty cool car to impress the gals with. Then Oldsmobile produces this bizarre ad to sell the chick magnet. What are these guys thinking? It’s the early 70’s, maybe a few drugs are at play in the advertising department?

Here’s my take on this. I’m a cool dude with my brand new 1973 Oldsmobile Omega and what better way to celebrate the purchase of the awesome land yacht than to take my hot new girlfriend on a picnic. Load up the hatch back with all sorts of goodies, grab the maps and hit the backroads of Michigan in search of a beautiful forest for what should be a totally romantic time. The twenty minute trip to the picnic spot has turned into an effing 90 minute trip and we haven’t arrived. Girlfriend asks whether I’m lost and of course, guys are never lost, right? Further into the woods we go. You must admit it’s beautiful but we are running out of roads. No problem, I know a short cut that will get us back to the highway, hang with me baby.

One problem we run into is we have to cross a stream to get back to the highway. Time to stop for our picnic and enjoy a beautiful Michigan afternoon. The huge carpeted trunk did the job of providing all the amenities we need, hot date isn’t mad at me anymore, life is good.

After the picnic I notice the fresh running water and my totally awesome new Olds Omega is looking a little dirty. Let’s park the car in the stream and wash it. Fortunately the Oldsmobile Omega brakes are impressive and we don’t go over the waterfall. My now not mad girlfriend (she’s having fun!) even helps me polish the paint, sure looks pretty; me, my hot chick and my 1973 Oldsmobile Omega Hatchback.

Seriously ad guys, WTF were you thinking?

Oldsmobile Omega Hatchback being washed in a stream
Oldsmobile Omega Hatchback being washed in a stream


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