Aftermarket hardtops for the MGB Roadster


A few companies were producing aerodynamic fibreglass hardtops for the MGB Roadster in the mid 60’s. I guess after the MGB GT came out these folks thought that many roadster owners would be interested in a similar fastback style car. The lower Sebring GT certainly has interesting lines with the spoiler type tail. I’m not sure about the J&S GTB conversion however.

These aftermarket cars certainly seem to be based on the 1963 MGB Coune Berlinette which predated the MGB GT by 2 years.

Has anyone ever seen one of these? They do show up on Ebay occasionally but all the ads that I could locate had ended. Would sure like to see one in real life.

MG GTB Hardtop
MG GTB Hardtop
J & S MG GTB conversion
J & S MG GTB conversion
MG Sebring GT
MG Sebring GT
1963 MGB Coune Berlinette
1963 MGB Coune Berlinette


  1. Hi
    I have a J&S hardtop possibly for sale if you want to make me an offer. its white and needs minor fibre glass repair.
    I’m in Perth Western Australia.

  2. Hi Warren,boot lid
    I have just bought one and found 2 others on EBAY.
    My problem is that I don’t have a boot lid for the top.
    Do you k now anybody who could assist.??
    Paul 041991776

    • Paul,
      can you help me to find a fastback mgb or give me some measures???
      Would be very greatful,

  3. Hi I have both types of the J&S hard top under restoration. In the 10 yrs I have been watching these top I have only managed to find 5 of these across Australia.


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