Alligator clips work as fuses in your MGB


I previously published a photograph of the official Lucas Guide to Fuse Replacement on this site. Well, I have good news for you. When I blew one of my two fuses and didn’t have a spare I came up with an additional fuse replacement possibility that really works.

While I don’t recommend this replacement it did keep my MGB running for about 10 minutes as I drove home from the boonies where I live. No smoke came pouring out of the car, I don’t have any electronic instruments to kill and it worked. So next time when you are stranded and are about to miss your hottest date in the past 10 years remember the alligator clip that you dropped under your seat decades ago. Also remember to remove it when you get home!

MGB using an alligator clip fuse
MGB using an alligator clip fuse
Lucas Fuse Replacement Chart



  1. I like your style. I just picked up a 66MGB, going to have it all worked over and perhaps Uping the amps and Putting in a new gearbox and clutch. Thanks for the tips I’ll keep my eye out for your tidbits of wisdom. Happy in California an Robin


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