Beer keg Christmas ornament

Some fun glass Christmas ornaments

We have a huge collection of glass Christmas ornaments that we put on our tree every year. As part of our family tradition I...
Win a 1967 Pink Mustang

Wear a Playboy Pink Ford Mustang to match your lipstick

We have seen lots of MGB ads where women are climbing all over the cars, not something that I'm totally in favor of. At...
Cool MGB roadster iron on transfer

Cool MGB roadster iron on transfer

Remember these cool items. This MGB iron on transfer is from 1982 so a few years after the MGB was last sold. I guess...
Ideal Tammy's Car MGB roadster

1963 Ideal Tammy Doll MGB Sports Car

Tammy had something in 1963 that Barbie didn't. I must admit though that I didn't even know who Tammy was until I stumbled across...
Classic British Motor Cars card set

Classic British Motor Cars of the 1950s & 1960s Collectors Card Set

This collectors card set was published in 1992 and contains some pretty cool cars. MG is covered by cards for the MGA, MGB and...
MG 1940's Portable Valve Radio by Roberts Radio dial

MG 1940’s Portable Valve Radio By Roberts Radio

There are lots of MG collectibles out in the world but this is one of the most unique that I've seen for sale recently....
Jersey Post Classic Cars 2005 MGB GT

Jersey Motor Festival MG MGB GT stamp

The Jersey Post brought out this colourful MGB GT stamp in 2005 as part of their Classic Cars series. Other cars in the series...
MG Safety Fast! ashtray

Remember when smoking was cool? MG ashtray

I didn't grow up in a family of smokers (cigarettes anyway!) but I do remember family friends smoking, smoking on airplanes, smoking in cars,...
Florida Suncoast MG Car Club enamel car emblem

Cool MG collectibles

I'm in the process of downsizing right now and my new passion for the MGB GT is already taking up too much space. But...
Gorgi MGB GT 1950's 1/43 model

Gorgi MGB GT model

This totally cool Corgi die-cast 1:43 scale model of an MGB GT came out at some point in the 60's. Features on this lovely...