WTF Craigslist 1963 MGB VW engine

1963 WTF Craigslist MGB VW Roadster

MGBs are not the most powerful sports car ever made and many folks spend lots of money these days trying to add a little...
Beautiful 1973 MGB GT V8 5-Speed

1973 MGB GT V8 5-Speed for sale

UPDATE: This good looking MGB GT V8 sold for $35,500. Not cheap but less than you could build it for? Are you in need of...
1969 MG MGB Custom convertible with Corvette engine

eBay 1969 MG MGB Custom convertible with Corvette engine

UPDATE: THIS FINE MGB CORVETTE FRANKENSTEIN SOLD FOR $7,850 We find the wildest MGB's on eBay and this is one of the best. Everyone wishes that...
Google Award Letter

I just won 950,000 British Pounds, MG restoration cost not an issue

I can't believe it, I have just won 950,000 Great British Pound Sterling from Google. Very cool! An added bonus in case I can't...
Totally rusted out MGB Roadster

Another WTF eBay MGB roadster ad

Here's a great MGB for sale on eBay. At least the guys being honest about what a piece of shit MGB he owns. Do...
Frank Zappa and Alice Cooper 1972

Frank Zappa and Alice Cooper 1972

Where were you in 1972? Frank Zappa and Alice Cooper were at Cal State College in Fullerton, California on November 8, 1972. I never...
Three women drinking in bikinis at The William Thornton Floating Bar and Restaurant, The Bight, Norman Island, British Virgin Islands

Harbor Freight media blast cabinet build

It's been very cold outside so much of the work I've been doing on my MGB GT is on hold. No more cleaning and...
Seattle Seahawks super fan

Seattle Seahawks fans are crazy!

You heard me! I went to a Seattle Seahawks game on Christmas Eve and while the Seattle Seahawks showed why they are a great...
1967 MGB GT restoration

What did I spend on my MGB GT restoration in 2016

As the new year comes to an end I thought it would be interesting to have an idea about what I spent on my...