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Sexy legs in a Fisker Karma

Our Sexy legs in an MG MGB girl has changed cars

Our Sexy legs in an MG MGB girl has changed cars, this time to a modern Fisker. This awesome looking sports car was produced...
MGB Driver's Handbook

MGB resources page

I'm working on a new page for this web site that lists all of the MG resources that I've located while working on my...
Hot Russian rally babe

Vintage Russian cars with Russian chicks

A few vintage Russian automobile ads that are entertaining. Strange locations, strange cars and beautiful Russian women. Makes you want to buy a Lada...
Piece of shit Miata

WTF Mazda Miata

I think that most MGB owners have a lot of respect for the Mazda Miata. Certainly the Miata is what the MGB could have...
Volkswagen ad with surfboards and donkey

Why no MG ads with surfboards?

MG ads over the years have featured all sorts of cool sports. They have MG skate borders, MG scuba divers, MG skydivers and fighter...

MG MGB GT promo photos

Many factory promotional photographs were released of the MGB GT over the years. Here's a sample with more to come. You may view the images...
Russian sexy chicks with piece of shit Russian car

Russian sexy chicks with Russian cars

Russian cars aren't known for being the most amazing vehicles ever developed. I think the Russians spend way more money developing nuclear bombs and...
Porsche 356C basketcase

The crazy price of car basket cases

Many of the older collectible cars have become rust buckets with fewer decent cars available every year. As a result, collector cars become more...
Lada VAZ girl in the snow

Lada girl bling for the holidays

Christmas is coming and it couldn't be a better time to have some beautiful Russian Lada girls on our site again. Enough of the...