Fixing a Flat Pinup Girl

Fixing a flat – Pinup girl

OK, enough real work for the day. I've been messing with my cracked MGB thermostat housing. I took my Ford F150 to the tire...
Burger King - BK Super Seven Incher

Burger King – Blow Your Mind Away

OK Burger King. I'm sure your "Super Seven Incher" is guaranteed to "Blow Your Mind Away." "Fill your desire for something long, juicy and...
NFL Tailgate Party

Do Soviet tailgate parties compare with NFL tailgate parties?

Once again the NFL payoffs are beginning here in North America. Yeah, I know most people don't care, especially in Europe and other areas...
Are You Staring At My Crisps?

Meanwhile in Ireland

Austin Mini chick in snow

Austin Mini chick in snow

Why would anyone want to pose next to an Austin Mini in the snow? Even more importantly, why would a gal in a bikini...