MGB with gal in mini skirt

Can you see the MGB?

I've been looking for clues in this photograph but it's hard to get beyond the women in the outrageously short mini skirt and boots....
1977 Lotus Esprit S1 with chick in fur coat

1977 Lotus Esprit S1 in Russia

I know that the weather in England can be a little cold but wouldn't you think that if you had shitty weather you would...
Audi bikini girl on the beach.

Cars and Bikinis

We have had lots of MGB restoration posts happening and while this means progress is looking good it also means that there hasn't been...
Inflatable doll vintage ad

Inflatable doll, Snuggle up to your own, LOVE MAID

Who needs an MGB GT when you can have this. Life Size, Just add air... Life like in every detail! Forget MGB GT motors blowing...
Simca 1200 S Aphrodisiaque Chick

Simca 1200S aphrodisiac chick

We haven't featured a European woman on this site for a while and after some serious MG restoration posts it's time for a few...
Russian Singles Women

Another WTF moment

I know I mention Russian women on the odd occasion in this blog. Now Google is trying to sell them to me! Check this...
Win a Russian bride

Win a Russian bride

Have I got your attention? That's good because this a true story. I'm not sure what year this old ad came out but it...
WTF Plymouth Barracuda mermaid

Why are women climbing on the hoods of our favourite cars?

Advertising agencies can be very strange and produce ads and PR materials with weird concepts. For instance, what is it about having women climbing...
Hot girl washing MGB GT

Hot girl washing an MGB GT

I've walked down to my barn a few times in the past week and keep on thinking that the MGB GT needs a good...

Scuba diving with the MGB

Luke Anthony, Pacific Coast Scuba Diver - A special breed of man. Who is this guy anyway? We do know that he owns a...