Sexy legs in a Fisker Karma

Our Sexy legs in an MG MGB girl has changed cars

Our Sexy legs in an MG MGB girl has changed cars, this time to a modern Fisker. This awesome looking sports car was produced...
1963 Sebring bikini chick pit crew

Let’s simplify auto racing again

As cool as many of the modern sports racing, GT and formula cars are there was something pleasant about car racing before the big...
Porsche chick with 356

Porsche Girls

I was just looking at my web site and had a thought. As much as I love puttering on the MGB GT and removing...
Nice legs in a Russian Audi

How to sell an Audi in Russia

Audi likes to sell cars in Russia. Russian men like nice looking women. Combine a pretty Russian gal with your latest Audi totally amazing...
My mother always told me to wear pretty panties in case I got hit by a car

My mother always told me to wear pretty panties in case I got hit...

Have you ever wondered what Danica Patrick or Simona de Silvestro wear under their racing firesuits? I'm sure lots of people have or would...
Dartz Prombron Red Diamond interior - nice steering wheel!

Do you need the MG when you can buy a Dartz Prombron Red Diamond...

The world is going crazy and I occasionally wonder whether the 1967 MGB GT will keep me safe. Now I know that I could...
Nude Triumph Dolomite girl, what is going on!

Why is everything better in France?

In my huge collection of vintage car ads that I like to browse through Triumph has had some of the most sexist ads of...
Russian sexy chicks with piece of shit Russian car

Russian sexy chicks with Russian cars

Russian cars aren't known for being the most amazing vehicles ever developed. I think the Russians spend way more money developing nuclear bombs and...
Lada VAZ girl in the snow

Lada girl bling for the holidays

Christmas is coming and it couldn't be a better time to have some beautiful Russian Lada girls on our site again. Enough of the...
Land Rover PR photo - Girl with gun

Land Rover PR photo – Girl with gun

There's nothing better than a women with a gun! British Leyland is on a run with this one. I suppose that if you're on...