Lada VAZ girl in the snow

Lada girl bling for the holidays

Christmas is coming and it couldn't be a better time to have some beautiful Russian Lada girls on our site again. Enough of the...
Valery Barykin Избегайте резкого торможения

Избегайте резкого торможения

I have no idea what it means as I don't speak Russian... but, pay attention to the road when you drive!
1990 Budweiser Beer Swimsuit Magazine Ad

1990 Budweiser Beer Swimsuit Magazine Ad

Warm Breeze - Cool Brew. Time for a beer!
Nude Triumph Dolomite girl, what is going on!

Why is everything better in France?

In my huge collection of vintage car ads that I like to browse through Triumph has had some of the most sexist ads of...
Women watching explosion

Women watching explosion – WTF

You have to like this. Nothing better than watching some nut case blow something up while standing outside your car on some deserted desert...
Audi bikini girl on the beach.

Cars and Bikinis

We have had lots of MGB restoration posts happening and while this means progress is looking good it also means that there hasn't been...
Sexy Oregon girl pumping gas

I don’t want to pump my own gas in Oregon

You can finally pump your own gas in Oregon and it's pretty funny or sad what many Oregonians are saying about it. Typical Oregon driver...
I can't cook. Who cares?

I can’t cook. Who cares?

I don't understand this ad as it seems to be an attempt to get the MG owner to buy his squeeze a new bra....
1963 Sebring bikini chick pit crew

Let’s simplify auto racing again

As cool as many of the modern sports racing, GT and formula cars are there was something pleasant about car racing before the big...
Russian sexy chicks with piece of shit Russian car

Russian sexy chicks with Russian cars

Russian cars aren't known for being the most amazing vehicles ever developed. I think the Russians spend way more money developing nuclear bombs and...