Cool looking Juncos

My three chicks are looking good!

I know, you are likely expecting a Porsche chick, maybe a hot Rigid Tool pin-up chick, Vespa chick, Lotus chick, chick chick chick... even...
MGB GT Garage

My MGB GT garage is getting a renovation

We all love our homes and of course our cars deserve a nice place to live as well. With that in mind I'm renovating...
1967 MGB GT

My MGB GT goes to a car show

For the first time in over 20 years my MGB GT went to a car show. Possibly calling the event a car show might...
MGB GT Cherries

Getting distracted doing the MGB GT wiring

I have been working on my MGB GT the past few days primarily redoing the wiring harness. I'll update with a post soon but...
Oriental Lily

Very boring colour on web site

I try to add colourful and fun content to my web site on a regular basis but when I went to the front page...
Full Service MG Garage

Full Service MG Garage

Full service MG Garage. Next service 100 miles. I think I'll fill up with fuel and get my oil checked!  
MG drivers

Does a perfect man really exist, Mom?

Does a perfect man really exist, Mom? Of course, Darling. They all drive MG's.  
Valery Barykin Избегайте резкого торможения

Избегайте резкого торможения

I have no idea what it means as I don't speak Russian... but, pay attention to the road when you drive!
Colourful asparagus for dinner

Eat well while wrenching on your sports car

As much as I like the odd Burger King meal I don't imagine eating fast food every day while wrenching on your sports car...