Which would you choose MGB GT or ChildrenWhich would you choose MGB GT or Children

Which would you choose? MGB GT or Children

You can have both with the University rear seat conversion. It seats two fast-growing children in comfort.
Beer keg Christmas ornament

Some fun glass Christmas ornaments

We have a huge collection of glass Christmas ornaments that we put on our tree every year. As part of our family tradition I...
Pretty gal in panties sitting on a Sprite

Pretty chick in panties

We have had far too many serious posts about MGB GT restoration this week so it's time for something a little more... pretty? Here's...
Nothing better than having a fire and thinking about the MGB restoration

How my 1967 MGB GT restoration and a large tree have much in common

My MGB GT parts make an interesting journey similar to what happens to a tree when I cut it down for firewood. Are you...
Google Award Letter

I just won 950,000 British Pounds, MG restoration cost not an issue

I can't believe it, I have just won 950,000 Great British Pound Sterling from Google. Very cool! An added bonus in case I can't...
"I can not believe it" Gaston thinks in gag

I can not believe it ! Gaston thinks in gag

"I can not believe it!" Gaston thinks in gag, before buying "a very recent MG for this price!"
MGB and white tail deer suspension

Deer in a box

I have an ongoing fight with the deer on my property but that doesn't mean I don't want them to be alive. Last year...
1974 Lotus Europa Twin Cam 5-Speed

So Tempting 1974 Lotus Europa Twin Cam

Some day I'll own a Lotus Europa and I wish it could be in a few days. Check out this very nice driver 1974...
Bikini gal in trunk at beach

There’s a woman in my trunk

I've never figured out why auto manufacturers thought it was a good plan to advertise their cars with beautiful women hanging out in the...

You can’t drive your MGB to Denali

Check out this amazing video of Denali by photographer Taylor Gray. Your MGB likely won't make the trip but you can enjoy it here....