MGB GT Cherries

Getting distracted doing the MGB GT wiring

I have been working on my MGB GT the past few days primarily redoing the wiring harness. I'll update with a post soon but...
Deer fence around fruit trees

The war on terror deer

The war on terror deer has hit an all time high at my country house. Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that...
Dry your laundry on this Japanese crapwagon

Most car spoilers look stupid

With few exceptions, most car spoilers look stupid and do absolutely nothing for the performance of your prized ride. Sure, a little downforce for...
1964 MGB Rat Rod

Craigslist 1964 MG MGB Rat Rod – WTF

Craigslist has some amazing MGB's for sale. You have got to wonder how an MGB rat rod like this can possibly be street legal....
Inflatable doll vintage ad

Inflatable doll, Snuggle up to your own, LOVE MAID

Who needs an MGB GT when you can have this. Life Size, Just add air... Life like in every detail! Forget MGB GT motors blowing...
Land Rover PR photo - Girl with gun

Land Rover PR photo – Girl with gun

There's nothing better than a women with a gun! British Leyland is on a run with this one. I suppose that if you're on...
MG Inspection Sheet

MG Inspection Sheet

Official British Leyland Inspection Sheet
Valery Barykin Избегайте резкого торможения

Избегайте резкого торможения

I have no idea what it means as I don't speak Russian... but, pay attention to the road when you drive!