Goldfield Ambulance

When rust and patina look great

The desert does cool things to old metal and paint creating a wonderful patina that most of us wouldn't want on our sports cars....
Beer keg Christmas ornament

Some fun glass Christmas ornaments

We have a huge collection of glass Christmas ornaments that we put on our tree every year. As part of our family tradition I...

Bjartur Gudmundsson’s drives his MGB GT in Iceland

This looks like fun. Sliding around Iceland on a track and hitting the dirt roads. Bjartur Gudmundsson loves his GT and the scenery is...
I'm really proud

I’m Really Proud

I'm not sure what this is really about but after looking at too much rust the past few days I need to see something...
MGB pulling a British caravan

Who says you can’t tow a travel trailer with your MGB?

It seems like a stupid idea but there are a few folks out there that are hauling (or at least used too!) travel trailers...
Flipping off Google detail

Meanwhile in Peachland, British Columbia

We all hate Google even though we can't live without them. These two "very nice" Canadians hate Google Street View enough that they are...
Girl on top of a glass of Guinness

There are only two things a man can’t resist

There are only TWO things a man can't resist... a pint of Guinness and ANOTHER PINT
Don't get ripped off when buying your MGB GT

Don’t get ripped off when you buy your MGB GT

If you haven't stumbled across the web site Jalopnik yet you must live on another planet. Either that or you have found the site...
Land Rover PR photo - Girl with gun

Land Rover PR photo – Girl with gun

There's nothing better than a women with a gun! British Leyland is on a run with this one. I suppose that if you're on...
NFL Tailgate Party

Do Soviet tailgate parties compare with NFL tailgate parties?

Once again the NFL payoffs are beginning here in North America. Yeah, I know most people don't care, especially in Europe and other areas...