Lotus Europa blood

Successful wrenching days!

I have always wondered what exactly would make for a successful wrenching day on one of my sports cars. Certainly finishing a job is...
MGB GT project

Too many projects!

Every time I go outside to work on my MGB GT I seem to get distracted with any number of other projects. Typically they...
1967 MGB GT with spoiler

My MGB GT is almost finished

My MGB GT still hasn't been started but I'm slowly making progress. Most days I say "maybe today" but then either the Lotus Europa...
Goldfield Ambulance

When rust and patina look great

The desert does cool things to old metal and paint creating a wonderful patina that most of us wouldn't want on our sports cars....

The sad death of Riverside International Raceway

It's sad what has happened to many of North America's best racetracks. I was fortunate to spend many weekends at Riverside International Raceway during...
Fixing a Flat Pinup Girl

Fixing a flat – Pinup girl

OK, enough real work for the day. I've been messing with my cracked MGB thermostat housing. I took my Ford F150 to the tire...
MGB GT 1971 in the snow

1971 MGB GT in the snow

Since we have snow let's see what the MGB GT looks like surrounded by the cold white stuff. Unlike our bikini girl with the...