Fixing a Flat Pinup Girl

Fixing a flat – Pinup girl

OK, enough real work for the day. I've been messing with my cracked MGB thermostat housing. I took my Ford F150 to the tire...
MGB GT 1971 in the snow

1971 MGB GT in the snow

Since we have snow let's see what the MGB GT looks like surrounded by the cold white stuff. Unlike our bikini girl with the...
Flipping off Google detail

Meanwhile in Peachland, British Columbia

We all hate Google even though we can't live without them. These two "very nice" Canadians hate Google Street View enough that they are...
NFL Tailgate Party

Do Soviet tailgate parties compare with NFL tailgate parties?

Once again the NFL payoffs are beginning here in North America. Yeah, I know most people don't care, especially in Europe and other areas...
Are You Staring At My Crisps?

Meanwhile in Ireland


Cooking A Turkey on a Car Engine

Are you on a road trip this beautiful Thanksgiving Day? You can still have a fresh turkey for dinner.
Freshly waxed Lotus Europa S2

I finally bought a Lotus Europa

Call me crazy, crack the jokes.... I finally bought a Lotus Europa. I've been looking for a number of years throughout North America and...
MGB pulling a British caravan

Who says you can’t tow a travel trailer with your MGB?

It seems like a stupid idea but there are a few folks out there that are hauling (or at least used too!) travel trailers...
Dry your laundry on this Japanese crapwagon

Most car spoilers look stupid

With few exceptions, most car spoilers look stupid and do absolutely nothing for the performance of your prized ride. Sure, a little downforce for...