Seattle Seahawks super fan

Seattle Seahawks fans are crazy!

You heard me! I went to a Seattle Seahawks game on Christmas Eve and while the Seattle Seahawks showed why they are a great...
Inflatable doll vintage ad

Inflatable doll, Snuggle up to your own, LOVE MAID

Who needs an MGB GT when you can have this. Life Size, Just add air... Life like in every detail! Forget MGB GT motors blowing...
Another WTF Russian babe photo

Another WTF Russian photo

I know, WTF images appear quite regularly on this site, but... they are totally WTF rad. Here's a new one. A new WTF nude Russian...
30mph barrier testing of the MGB GT V8 model

What a bummer to crash test MG’s

Yeah, I know they have to do it and it's a good idea but, what a bummer totally destroying perfectly good cars. On the...
Crazy Russians lighting 10,000 sparklers

Happy New Year from Russia

Here's a different take on having fun, Russian style. What happens when you light 10,000 sparklers at the same time? Watch this for a...
Happy New Year fireworks

Happy New Year!

Land Rover PR photo - Girl with gun

Land Rover PR photo – Girl with gun

There's nothing better than a women with a gun! British Leyland is on a run with this one. I suppose that if you're on...