Lotus Evora GT430

The world needs a new cheap sports car

In the world of over consumption and over spending we live in these days why can't car manufacturers produce a truly affordable sports car...
Noico 150 and 315 Heat and Sound Insulation

Installing Noico Heat and Sound Insulation

After installing the Noico 80 mil car sound deadening mat the next step was to install the heat and sound insulation. Noico makes...
Noico 150 mil sound insulation material

Noico car heat and sound insulation material

Noico is a Russian product and when reading the description of their insulation material it's fun to think in a Russian accent. You can...
Noico 80 mil car sound deadening mat in Lotus Europa

Noico 80 mil car sound deadening mat installation

My long term plan for the MGB GT is to redo the interior at some point. At present however, the MGB work is all...
Lotus Europa blood

Successful wrenching days!

I have always wondered what exactly would make for a successful wrenching day on one of my sports cars. Certainly finishing a job is...
Lotus Europa pedal box

Lotus Europa pedal box

I pulled my Lotus Europa's pedal box out today in preparation for doing some additional fibreglass work before installing the new carpet. This is...
MGB GT project

Too many projects!

Every time I go outside to work on my MGB GT I seem to get distracted with any number of other projects. Typically they...
Colourful Lotus Europa rear struts

Colourful shocks for the Lotus

When I painted the front shocks on my MGB GT I went crazy and painted them black. That's very boring but once they were...
1967 MGB GT with spoiler

My MGB GT is almost finished

My MGB GT still hasn't been started but I'm slowly making progress. Most days I say "maybe today" but then either the Lotus Europa...
1970 Lotus Europa and 1967 MGB GT

Spring is here in MGB GT land

Finally spring weather has appeared up here in British Columbia. While it's still cold outside during the mornings we are enjoying balmy weather in...