Lotus Evora GT430

The world needs a new cheap sports car

In the world of over consumption and over spending we live in these days why can't car manufacturers produce a truly affordable sports car...
Noico 150 and 315 Heat and Sound Insulation

Installing Noico Heat and Sound Insulation

After installing the Noico 80 mil car sound deadening mat the next step was to install the heat and sound insulation. Noico makes...
VW Van babe

Is your MGB GT back on the road yet?

I've been asked numerous times the past few months whether my 1967 MGB GT is finally finished and on the road again. The short...
1963 Caterham 7 and 1967 MGB GT

Cars I have owned or would like to own

I briefly went to the Vancouver Island Motor Gathering yesterday and wandered around looking at over 600 vehicles ranging from MGB's to the latest...
Lotus Europa Twin Cam

I’m in Lotus Europa mode

This is the car that I've wanted since I was a little kid. Will I ever get a Lotus Europa? That's hard to say....
Lotus Elite - A quart of oil every 300 miles

Lotus Elite – A quart of oil every 300 miles

It's hard to imaging running an ad for a car and bragging about how much oil it uses but that's what Lotus Cars did...
Lotus Europa blood

Successful wrenching days!

I have always wondered what exactly would make for a successful wrenching day on one of my sports cars. Certainly finishing a job is...
1978 Lotus Esprit project

Finally a Lotus Esprit I can afford

I've been looking at Lotus Esprit's for years having seen the prototype at Los Angeles Auto Expo in the 1970's. The closest I've ever...
Lotus Europa Special

I really want a Lotus Europa John Player Special

OK, I've got to be honest with everyone here. I was never an MG kid when I was growing up. My father had bought...
1974 Lotus Europa Twin Cam 5-Speed

So Tempting 1974 Lotus Europa Twin Cam

Some day I'll own a Lotus Europa and I wish it could be in a few days. Check out this very nice driver 1974...