MGB GT rear hatch installation

MGB GT rear hatch installation

My MGB GT rear hatch has been living in my basement since July, 2018. I guess that's not too bad compared to same of...
1970 Lotus Europa S2

Winter is over in MGB GT land

Finally winter is over here in Western Canada. This means I can once again get to work on my MGB GT. I expect I'll...
VW Van babe

Is your MGB GT back on the road yet?

I've been asked numerous times the past few months whether my 1967 MGB GT is finally finished and on the road again. The short...
Freshly waxed Lotus Europa S2

I finally bought a Lotus Europa

Call me crazy, crack the jokes.... I finally bought a Lotus Europa. I've been looking for a number of years throughout North America and...
1978 Lotus Esprit project

Finally a Lotus Esprit I can afford

I've been looking at Lotus Esprit's for years having seen the prototype at Los Angeles Auto Expo in the 1970's. The closest I've ever...
Second Rex Mays 300 Poster

1968 USAC Rex Mays 300

I was looking through some old car magazines and racing programs a few days ago and came across a ticket from what is likely...
1974 Lotus Europa Twin Cam 5-Speed

So Tempting 1974 Lotus Europa Twin Cam

Some day I'll own a Lotus Europa and I wish it could be in a few days. Check out this very nice driver 1974...
1973 MGB and 1959 Triumph TR3A

2017 Sebring Vintage Classic

I just spent the weekend at the Sebring Vintage Classic down here in Florida. Lots of amazing old and new racing cars including one...
August 1967 used sports cars

What used cars could you buy for the price of a new 1967 MGB...

I just stumbled across an old Road & Track from August 1967 which is when my 1967 MGB GT was for sale new. It...
Lotus Elan for sale

Restored 1969 Lotus Elan S4 for sale

This is sweet. While not original in many ways this nicely done restoration has produced a Lotus Elan that is superior to what Colin...