Painted MGB GT splash panels

Time to reinstall my MGB GT splash panels

For some strange reason I still haven't installed my MGB GT's front splash panels. Well, that's going to change. I cleaned out the wheel...
Noico 80 mil sound deadening mat in MGBB GT

Installing Noico 80 mil Sound deadening mat in my MGB GT

I previously installed the Noico 80 mil Sound deadening mat in my Lotus Europa and was very impressed with the product. While not exactly...
Eiffel Tower jack stand

The Eiffel Tower is a giant jack stand

There was a discussion on the MG Experience web site the other day about cheap ratchet style jack stands that are ready to kill...
Dupli-Color Hyper Silver MGB wheel paint

Dupli-Color Hyper Silver Wheel paint is…. boring

What do you think of when you hear the word "Hyper"? I think of cars like the Lotus Ejiva, the McLaren P1, maybe the...
MGB using an alligator clip fuse

Alligator clips work as fuses in your MGB

I previously published a photograph of the official Lucas Guide to Fuse Replacement on this site. Well, I have good news for you. When...
MGB fuse box

A 1967 MGB needs more than 2 fuses

The 1960's and were a simple time for the automotive industry. Safety features were just becoming available, power sucking exhaust emission gadgets were just...
MGB GT oil pressure

Good oil pressure in my rebuilt MGB GT engine

It's always nerve racking to start a newly built engine, especially when it's the first engine you've rebuilt and everything was learned on YouTube...
Rear hatch cover for MGB GT

How much fiberglass is in the 1967 MGB GT?

I bet most people will think that there's no fiberglass in a 1967 MGB GT. I sure thought that would be the case. Well,...
MGB GT burning oil on engine start

MGB GT burning oil

What happens when your PCV valve starts ingesting engine oil in quantity.
MGB Brake and Clutch Master Cylinders

Taking my MGB GT for a test drive

It was a short hop, up my driveway and back a number of times. What is cool is that this is the first time...