MGB Armstrong lever shock low oil

Refreshing the MGB GT Armstrong hydraulic lever shocks

The MGB Armstrong hydraulic lever shocks are one part that I imagine doesn't tend to get the maintenance they really require. In reality all...
More MGB GT suspension parts

MGB GT front suspension is very simple

I was somewhat surprised how easily the MGB suspension came apart. I expected after close to 50 years of wet weather, lots of crud...
MGB oil pump in 18V engine

Installing the MGB oil pump

Installing the MGB GT oil pump is pretty straight forward. My pump was in pieces after cleaning and inspection and I decided to just...
New MGB camshaft from the front

Installing a new camshaft in the MGB

This is probably one of the easier jobs to accomplish as there isn't really anything to go wrong. I finally bought a new camshaft...
MGB chain tensioner installed

Timing gears, chain and tensioner are on the MGB engine

The original MGB 18V engine had a single row timing chain that altered the timing to offer more power at the low RPM end....
MGB GT ratty looking wiring

Re-wrapping an MGB wiring harness

I haven't been able to work on my MGB GT for a few months now due to bad weather and work but at least...
Have a beer of your choice in a nice location, you deserve it!

Removing the MGB GT heater box

Removing the MGB heater is considered one of the most PITA jobs that MG restorers come across. Recommendations include having lots of band aids,...
MGB main bearings checked with Plastigage

Building the 1967 MGB GT engine

This is a job that I had hoped to work on during the summer but in never happened. Finally I have the time and...
AC Delco alternator with mounting plate rotated 120 degrees

Replacing the Lucas generator with an AC Delco alternator

Since my MGB GT is now negative ground it's time to switch out the old Lucas generator and install a modern alternator. I expect...
Tremclad wild raspberry paint is very close to the original MGB maroon

What colour should I paint my 1967 MGB GT engine

I'm starting to repaint bits and pieces from my MGB GT and now have to make a big decision. What colour do I paint...