1972 MGB 18V harmonic balancer with cracked rubber

The more you look, the more rubber is bad. Harmonic balancers for the MGB

I'm beginning to get the feeling that there isn't a single piece of rubber in the MGB GT or either of the two engines...
Using a hack saw to remove the locating pin from the Mazda Miata seat runner

Replacing the stock MGB GT seats with Mazda Miata seats

Due to safety concerns I've decided it's worth replacing the original 1967 MGB GT seats (the ones without headrests) with some Mazda Miata seats....
MGB GT new gas tank installed

MGB GT receives a gas tank transplant

Remember this beautiful water feature that I highlighted in MGB GT fuel tank update? I solved the problem of a gas spewing feature on my...

Hyper-reality future is pretty scary stuff

Keiichi Matsuda produced this cool video of what our world might be like sooner than we think. We are getting close with Google Glass...
Wheeler Dealer MGB

Wheeler Dealers buys and restores an MGB GT

If you have an MG and a spare 45 minutes of time this video is worth watching. Car dude Mike Brewer and master mechanic...
MGB GT transmission tunnel

Removing undercoating is a royal PITA

I'm finally back to work on my 1967 MGB GT as lots of painting needs to be carried out in the next month or...

Rebuilding a 1978 MGB GT in 4 minutes and 47 seconds

Maybe not really 4:47 but this time lapse video is very cool. The actual restoration time was 650+ hours.
Pirelli Cinturato tire

MGB GT receives new 165HR14 Pirelli Cinturato tires

The MGB GT originally left the factory on 165HR14 Pirelli Cinturato tires. This first set lasted about 12,500 miles (The note on the receipt...
1967 MGB 1800 block date stamp

Dating the MGB GT engine and cylinder head

Most of the castings used for 1800 blocks and cylinder heads had date stamps as well that indicated when the casting was produced. This...
Have a beer of your choice in a nice location, you deserve it!

Removing the MGB GT heater box

Removing the MGB heater is considered one of the most PITA jobs that MG restorers come across. Recommendations include having lots of band aids,...