MGB Part Numbers

MGB vehicle and part number locations

The following illustrations shows where the vehicle identification and serial numbers are located on the MGB and MGB GT. I'll add this to the...
MGB GT front brake caliper

Restoring the MGB GT front brake calipers

This is one of the jobs I've been putting off for some reason, perhaps because it will be a dirty one. At the same...
Very pretty MGB fuel tank waterfall

MGB GT fuel tank update

It seemed like a good idea at the time. Remove the MGB's fuel tank to clean and repaint it since the time is available....

From good to bad in 1 second

I thought I was there, the MGB GT ready for the road, ready for summer. There are still lots of little items to take...
1967 MGB GT engine carburetors and air filters after cleaning

I’ve been working on the 1967 MGB GT for 6 weeks

I started working on cleaning the my 1967 GT six weeks ago and while I haven't got a huge amount of work done on...
MGB 18V engine identification plate

MGB engine identification plate

My MGB GT is getting to the stage in her restoration that many of the projects are quick and more bling than mechanical. One...
MGB GT burning oil

MGB GT burning oil

What happens when your PCV valve starts ingesting engine oil in quantity. It's exciting!
Have a beer of your choice in a nice location, you deserve it!

Removing the MGB GT heater box

Removing the MGB heater is considered one of the most PITA jobs that MG restorers come across. Recommendations include having lots of band aids,...
Fender ledge rust on driver side of MGB GT

Scary rust in the MGB

There is one area on my GT that has me a little concerned. There is a ledge close to the top of the front...
250,000 MG MGB is a GT, very cool.

250,000th MG MGB made was an MGB GT

A grand total of 512,112 MGB tourers and MGB GTs were made during the production from 1962 to 1980. That's a lot of cars...