MG MGB GT Bikini Girls promo photo

MGB GT at the beach with a couple of beautiful women

There is nothing better than taking your MGB GT to the beach with a couple of beautiful women in bikinis, even if the beach...
MGB tips mods and maintenance

MGB tips mods and maintenance

Steve Livesley has put together a fantastic blog of as he describes it:  "a collection of tech tips, tricks, ideas and information about performance,...
Rusty MGB GT Lucas side/flasher lamp

Removed my MGB Lucas side/flasher lamps

After looking at these rusty and deteriorating side/flasher lamps for a few weeks I decided to remove them and see how bad they really...

Hyper-reality future is pretty scary stuff

Keiichi Matsuda produced this cool video of what our world might be like sooner than we think. We are getting close with Google Glass...
SU carburetor needle

What to do on your MGB restoration during bad weather

We were hit with a large amount of snow over the Christmas holiday and it's still hanging around. Fortunately the weather has warmed up,...
MGB GT car parts

1967 MGB GT restoration update

Not much has happened with my 1967 MGB GT restoration the past few months due to being away in lovely San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico. Now...
Cool Reifendruckmefigerat tire pressure gage

Opening the glove box Part 3

This is cool. Remember when tire pressure gauges had dials? Not the fancy digital crap that we have now? A good friend George gave...
MGB jacking point after wire brush treatment

Cleaning the MGB GT undercarriage

The MGB GT undercarriage and the fender areas were well undercoated at some point with a very hard substance that is almost impossible to...
MGB flywheel resurfacing looks great

Resurfaced MGB 18V flywheel

I finally got around to having the MGB 18V flywheel resurfaced at a local shop. Initially I was going to be cheap and just...
MGB GT flywheel

Removing the MGB GT flywheel is a piece of cake

I have been reading horror stories about the difficulty in removing the flywheel from old MGB engines. You need to heat it with a...