Sewing machine for MGB carpets

New carpets and mats for the MGB and Lotus

Both my MGB GT and my Lotus Europa have somewhat worn carpet and even worse looking car mats. I bought about 13 yards of...
Installed Noico insulation products

Noico 80 mil car sound deadening mat

I pretty much finished installing the Noico 80 mil car sound deadening mat in my Lotus Europa yesterday and it worked out really well....
MGB GT fuel sender installed

New fuel sender unit for the MGB GT gas tank

I previously tossed out my 1967 MGB GT gas tank as it had many small pinholes on the top. Attempting to clean the gas...
MGB GT oil leak

Proof that my MGB GT is a British car

After running my MGB GT engine for about 20 minutes to break in the camshaft and bed the piston rings a little I discovered...
1967 MGB GT is running

My MGB GT is running after almost 4 years

What a relief. My 1967 MGB GT died almost 4 years ago and today I got it running again. The carburetors still need adjusting...
MGB GT burning oil

MGB GT burning oil

What happens when your PCV valve starts ingesting engine oil in quantity. It's exciting!
MGB GT celebration beer

I bought a special beer to celebrate…

I bought a special beer to celebrate... and my MGB GT didn't start. It's something likely electrical and I expect an easy fix, I'll...
MGB GT oil pressure

We have oil pressure in the MGB GT

This turned out to be a very cool day. Donald Trump said a lot of stupid s**t about Covid-19 as usual. Up here in...
Time for MGB GT oil pressure

Today’s Job – Do we have oil pressure?

There is one job to be done on my MGB GT today and that is to turn the engine over until I have oil...
MGB GT maintenance video

MGB GT Maintenance Video

This is the start of a nicely done video series on maintaining a 1967 MGB GT. Enjoy!