MGB GT chrome with pitting

How far do you go?

As I'm plugging away at my fathers old MGB GT I keep on thinking about "how far do you go?" The coolest thing about...
Army surplus switches on the MGB GT dash

67 MGB GT dash switches

I remember my father was always a little frustrated with the toggle switches that constantly broke on this MGB. Fortunately for us there was...
A very cool Michelin Man key chain

Opening the glove box Part 2

Item number 1 from the MGB GT glove box (Yeah, I know this is part 2 but stick with me). Now this is really...
Opening the glove box

Opening the glove box after 11 years

I'm not sure when my 1967 MGB GT glove box was last opened although it's at least 11 years ago now. This is going...
1967 MGB GT in B&W

1967 MGB GT in Black and White

Hidden away among the large collections of books and publications is this old photograph of my fathers MGB GT. This is one that was...
MGB under speed at Portland International Raceway

MGB Historic Racing

This looks like a lot of fun. What do you think, a number on the beige MGB GT with full roll cage? Could be...