Installing MGB GT pistons

Installing the MGB GT pistons

It's amazing how quickly an engine will go together once you have all the parts ready. Having a little knowledge helps as well so...
MGB main bearings checked with Plastigage

Building the 1967 MGB GT engine

This is a job that I had hoped to work on during the summer but in never happened. Finally I have the time and...
Presents for the MGB GT

What does your MGB want for Christmas?

Christmas came early for my MGB GT. Yeah, I know it's not overly exciting but my MGB needed a new fuel tank and camshaft....
Nothing better than having a fire and thinking about the MGB restoration

How my 1967 MGB GT restoration and a large tree have much in common

My MGB GT parts make an interesting journey similar to what happens to a tree when I cut it down for firewood. Are you...
Very pretty MGB fuel tank waterfall

MGB GT fuel tank update

It seemed like a good idea at the time. Remove the MGB's fuel tank to clean and repaint it since the time is available....
MGB fuel tank rust

Removing the MGB GT fuel tank

This is a job that wasn't supposed to be done until next year but after a few rainy days here I decided, why not....
MGB engine beer can holder

Painting the MGB 18V engine

I finally finished one of my major projects for the fall which was to paint at least one of my engines. It made sense...
Camshaft wear from connecting rod failure

Bought a new camshaft for my MGB GT

With costs mounting by the day I have been debating reusing the camshaft from my original 1967 MGB engine that has about 35,000 miles...
Replacement Lucas Wiring Harness Smoke

Replacement Lucas Wiring Harness Smoke

A new item added to my next Moss Motors purchase. You never know what you might require.
Lots of Rust-Oleum and Tremclad paint cans

I should buy shares in the Rust-Oleum company

I've spent the past few weeks painting many MGB parts and going through many cans of spray paint. While I realize that spraying using...