MGB GT celebration beer

I bought a special beer to celebrate…

I bought a special beer to celebrate... and my MGB GT didn't start. It's something likely electrical and I expect an easy fix, I'll...
MGB GT oil pressure

We have oil pressure in the MGB GT

This turned out to be a very cool day. Donald Trump said a lot of stupid s**t about Covid-19 as usual. Up here in...
Time for MGB GT oil pressure

Today’s Job – Do we have oil pressure?

There is one job to be done on my MGB GT today and that is to turn the engine over until I have oil...
MGB GT maintenance video

MGB GT Maintenance Video

This is the start of a nicely done video series on maintaining a 1967 MGB GT. Enjoy!
50 years of MGB GT receipts

Removing the MGB oil pressure relief valve

Removing the MGB oil pressure relief valve - how a 5 minute job turns into a 3 hour task! One disadvantage of spending three plus...
MGB GT tailpipe

Installing the MGB GT exhaust system

What a PITA! There are a few things that are almost impossible to do on a small car without a lift. Installing the exhaust...
MGB tips mods and maintenance

MGB tips mods and maintenance

Steve Livesley has put together a fantastic blog of as he describes it:  "a collection of tech tips, tricks, ideas and information about performance,...
MGB GT ratty exhaust

Time to install the exhaust on my MGB GT

I'm getting very close to being able to start the MGB GT for the first time in 3 years. As much as I would...
MGB GT engine cooling

The engine holds antifreeze

Yesterday I replaced the cracked thermostat housing that I had repaired with JB Weld. I never tested the repaired housing but instead bought a...
1967 MGB GT with spoiler

My MGB GT is almost finished

My MGB GT still hasn't been started but I'm slowly making progress. Most days I say "maybe today" but then either the Lotus Europa...