MGB GT engine cooling

The engine holds antifreeze

Yesterday I replaced the cracked thermostat housing that I had repaired with JB Weld. I never tested the repaired housing but instead bought a...
1967 MGB GT with spoiler

My MGB GT is almost finished

My MGB GT still hasn't been started but I'm slowly making progress. Most days I say "maybe today" but then either the Lotus Europa...
1970 Lotus Europa and 1967 MGB GT

Spring is here in MGB GT land

Finally spring weather has appeared up here in British Columbia. While it's still cold outside during the mornings we are enjoying balmy weather in...
MGB GT rear hatch installation

MGB GT rear hatch installation

My MGB GT rear hatch has been living in my basement since July, 2018. I guess that's not too bad compared to same of...
MGB 18V engine identification plate

MGB engine identification plate

My MGB GT is getting to the stage in her restoration that many of the projects are quick and more bling than mechanical. One...
JB Weld on MGB thermostat housing

JB Weld to the rescue

In the previous post about my MGB thermostat housing problems I showed images of my aluminum thermostat housing that has a hairline fracture in...
Detail of aluminum MGB thermostat housing crackDetail of aluminum MGB thermostat housing crack

I thought I was making headway

I was getting so close to having my MGB GT engine running. Yesterday I added coolant and went to sleep thinking today's job would...
MGB GT carburetor

I’m taking my MGB carburetor apart again

I'm hoping to have my 1967 MGB GT running again within the week but as usual certain parts have other plans. I cleaned and...
Moss ST Spoiler with bumper overriders

Moss Motors Special Tuning Spoiler installation

I test fitted the Moss ST Spoiler in March 2017, that seems like a long time ago. I painted the spoiler body colour, or at...
MGB Part Numbers

MGB vehicle and part number locations

The following illustrations shows where the vehicle identification and serial numbers are located on the MGB and MGB GT. I'll add this to the...