1962 MG Lenham GT Tribute

1962 MG Lenham GT Tribute on BAT

This 1962 MG Lenham GT Tribute is on Bring a Trailer right now. What a cool looking car. This 1962 Lenham GT Tribute is...
1967 MGB GT

My MGB GT goes to a car show

For the first time in over 20 years my MGB GT went to a car show. Possibly calling the event a car show might...
Mario Andretti and Art Pollard - Lotus 56 Turbine

1968 Rex Mays 300 race video

I just stumbled across a video of one of the first races that I attended, the 1968 USAC Rex Mays 300 at Riverside Raceway....
1967 MGB GT exterior

Very original 1967 MGB GT on BAT

If you are looking for a very nice original 1967 MGB GT this might be your car. Check it out on Bring a Trailer....
Gal in the trunk of a clear Pontiac

Gal in the trunk of a clear Pontiac

What a cool looking Pontiac. How often do you see a clear car with a woman in the trunk? I'm not sure if she...
Installed Noico insulation products

Noico 80 mil car sound deadening mat

I pretty much finished installing the Noico 80 mil car sound deadening mat in my Lotus Europa yesterday and it worked out really well....
Lotus Evora GT430

The world needs a new cheap sports car

In the world of over consumption and over spending we live in these days why can't car manufacturers produce a truly affordable sports car...

Porsche at the Two Toughest GT Races in the World

There's a serious lack of car racing going on in the world due to the crazy Covid-19 virus that has shut down most sports....
Colourful Lotus Europa rear struts

Colourful shocks for the Lotus

When I painted the front shocks on my MGB GT I went crazy and painted them black. That's very boring but once they were...