Glory to the Conquerors of the Universe

Soviet space propaganda posters

These are very cool posters, a relic from the early space age and of course the cold war. I'm actually quite surprised that "Little...
Work boats in Cowichan Bay

Old work boats in Cowichan Bay

A group of us get together with our work boats twice a year and this season started with our annual spring rendezvous in Cowichan...
MGB GT Police car

MGB GT police car

I'm back home from sunny Florida so it's time to get back to work on my MGB GT. My hope is to have the...

Are you afraid to fly?

Many folks have a fear of flying but in reality it's a hell of a lot safer than driving your MGB as there aren't...
Green alien welcoming visitors in Beatty

Aliens have landed in MGB land

I was just working on lots of photographs to send out to my agents and got a little distracted. Not by my MGB this...

Saab Gripen jet scale model disintegrates

What a bummer. I have been watching videos like this for years and have always been amazed at how much money and time many...
Recently built trawler Romance with an even newer wooden tender

Heritage boats at the Ladysmith Maritime Festival

They may not be MG's and have nothing in common with sports cars other than having engines and batteries but old boats are pretty...
WTF bulldozers fight in China

WTF… six bulldozers battle on public streets in China

Sure as hell wouldn't want to be a contractor in Hebei, China. Check this out, these dudes in a contract dispute are fighting it...
self-portrait of NASA's Curiosity Mars rover shows the vehicle at "Namib Dune,"

Self-portrait of NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover shows the vehicle at “Namib Dune”

Now this is cool. Nasa's Curiosity Rover just shot this awesome self portrait on Mars. This is one place where MG's wouldn't work so...
Colin Chapman Lotus Esprit S2 and the John Player Team Lotus Cessna 414

Colin Chapman Lotus Esprit S2 and the John Player Team Lotus Cessna 414

Haven't had a Lotus post for a while so check this out. Colin Chapman with his new Lotus Esprit S2 and the John Player...