MG MGB Roadster 1962 brochure - inside information

MG MGB Roadster 1962 brochure

Another great brochure from the early years of the MGB Roadster. I wish the resolution were a bit better but this will have to...
Your Mother Wouldn't Like It MG MGB

Your Mother Wouldn’t Like It – Misty forest edition

Your Mother Wouldn't Like It - Misty forest edition. Nothing like heading out with a dude in a trench coat and an MGB roadster...
1962 MGB Brochure - Page 1

The all new MGB – 1962 Brochure

Everything is fresh except the octagon. The all new MGB. This must be the first MGB brochure ever produced.
1972 MG MGB girl with windmill

MG MGB Roadster promo photos

Like the MGB GT the roadster was also heavily publicized with promotional photographs. Here's a large selection of these cool MGB convertible vintage photographs.

MG MGB GT promo photos

Many factory promotional photographs were released of the MGB GT over the years. Here's a sample with more to come. You may view the images...
Volkswagen ad with surfboards and donkey

Why no MG ads with surfboards?

MG ads over the years have featured all sorts of cool sports. They have MG skate borders, MG scuba divers, MG skydivers and fighter...
Puntland State of Somalia 1963 MGB Stamp

Puntlaand State of Somalia 1963 MGB Stamp

The Puntland State of Somalia brought out this lovely 1963 MG MGB roadster stamp in 2010. Somalia was on a real car craze that...
Russian car Pin Up girl

Russian car Pin Up girl

We know that Russian men like women and that women are used to sell cars in Russia. Don't believe me? Here are a few...