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North Korean propaganda posters

We just featured some of the old Russian space propaganda posters but they are from years ago. Our dear friends the North Koreans have...
Your Mother Wouldn't Like It - Hôtel Taranne Paris

Your Mother Wouldn’t Like It – Hotel Taranne, Paris

The MGB GT made it into the YOUR MOTHER WOULDN'T LIKE IT ads as well. Let's move to Paris where the wine is good...
MGB Driver's Handbook

MGB resources page

I'm working on a new page for this web site that lists all of the MG resources that I've located while working on my...
1962 MGB Brochure - Page 1

The all new MGB – 1962 Brochure

Everything is fresh except the octagon. The all new MGB. This must be the first MGB brochure ever produced.
Your Mother Wouldn't Like It - Last Tango In Paris

Your Mother Wouldn’t Like It – Last Tango In Paris

British Leyland ran a wonderful series of ads for the MG Midget, Roadster and GT in the early 70's called YOUR MOTHER WOULDN'T LIKE...
MGB 1972 brochure image with women with perky breasts.

MGB Sports Car 1972

Low slung profile of the MGB sportscar for 1972 is now accentuated with white wall tires, illuminated side markers and rubber inserted bumper overriders....
Volkswagen ad with surfboards and donkey

Why no MG ads with surfboards?

MG ads over the years have featured all sorts of cool sports. They have MG skate borders, MG scuba divers, MG skydivers and fighter...

MG MGB GT promo photos

Many factory promotional photographs were released of the MGB GT over the years. Here's a sample with more to come. You may view the images...