This is the MGB

This is the MGB

This is the MGB. You turn it on. It turns you on.
Tell her to get off her Burro and go "Modern"

WTF… Perhaps the weirdest MG ad of all time

This MG Midget ad is very strange. Apparently it was published in Millionaire Magazine around 1963 for the California market? Be a millionaire in...

MG MGB GT promo photos

Many factory promotional photographs were released of the MGB GT over the years. Here's a sample with more to come. You may view the images...
MGB Driver's Handbook

MGB resources page

I'm working on a new page for this web site that lists all of the MG resources that I've located while working on my...
MG MGB Roadster 1962 brochure - inside information

MG MGB Roadster 1962 brochure

Another great brochure from the early years of the MGB Roadster. I wish the resolution were a bit better but this will have to...
1969 MG MGC GT USA publicity photo

1969 MGC GT USA publicity photo

This is one of my favourite MG promo photos, a 1969 MGC/GT parked on a California? beach. As is so common with most of...
MGB Brochure 1966 or 1967

My father was looking at an MGB roadster

One of the items that was tucked away with my fathers MGB stuff was a brochure. I'm not sure of the date, will look...
Loading painting into MG MGB Roadster

Loading a painting into an MG MGB Roadster

This is a cute ad. Fortunately for this couple they don't own a GT like I do. It's also fortunate they live in California...
You can do it in an MG

You can do it in an MGB

The MG marketing crowd ran ads titled "You can do it in an MG" for a number of years. Some of them are totally...