1984 LeMans Porsche

24 Stunden Le Mans 1984

It's Le Mans weekend, later than usual courtesy of the crazy Covid virus. Porsche dominated in 1984 taking the top seven places with the...
1962 MG Lenham GT Tribute

1962 MG Lenham GT Tribute on BAT

This 1962 MG Lenham GT Tribute is on Bring a Trailer right now. What a cool looking car. This 1962 Lenham GT Tribute is...
Tuk Tuk racing in Sri Lanka

What could possibly go wrong? – Tuk Tuk racing in Sri Lanka

This looks like a lot of fun and what could possibly go wrong?
Mario Andretti and Art Pollard - Lotus 56 Turbine

1968 Rex Mays 300 race video

I just stumbled across a video of one of the first races that I attended, the 1968 USAC Rex Mays 300 at Riverside Raceway....

Nürburgring Classic 2019, MGB GT V8 hits 210 KM/H

Ten minutes of Nürburgring in the MGB GT V8. Grab a coffee, crank up the volume and enjoy an MGB GT V8 hitting 210KM/H.
Československá Grand Prix for Formula 3 1965

Československá Grand Prix for Formula 3, 1965

Does anyone out in the MGB world speak Czech? Any idea what this poster is advertising? It looks like Brno in the now Czech...
2020 Marbula One

Do you need a Formula 1 fix?

I think most auto racing fans are missing what could have shaped up to be an interesting 2020 Formula 1 season. Well, I discovered...

Porsche at the Two Toughest GT Races in the World

There's a serious lack of car racing going on in the world due to the crazy Covid-19 virus that has shut down most sports....
1964 Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe

Legends of Speed at the Phoenix Art Museum

If you're fortunate enough to be in the Phoenix, Arizona area you should wander by the Phoenix Art Museum for their Legends of Speed...