Lotus Europa pedal box

Lotus Europa pedal box

I pulled my Lotus Europa's pedal box out today in preparation for doing some additional fibreglass work before installing the new carpet. This is...
MGB 18V engine identification plate

MGB engine identification plate

My MGB GT is getting to the stage in her restoration that many of the projects are quick and more bling than mechanical. One...
MGB GT carburetor

I’m taking my MGB carburetor apart again

I'm hoping to have my 1967 MGB GT running again within the week but as usual certain parts have other plans. I cleaned and...
Rebuilt MGB GT front suspension

How long does it take to rebuild the MGB GT front suspension?

Due to a number of unforeseen consequences and a rather large distraction (hint... Lotus Europa) my MGB GT front suspension has taken almost 3...
VW Van babe

Is your MGB GT back on the road yet?

I've been asked numerous times the past few months whether my 1967 MGB GT is finally finished and on the road again. The short...
Freshly painted MGB GT engine

Freshly painted MGB GT engine, don’t make it dirty

I'm just finishing up installing most of the auxiliary bits on my newly painted MGB GT engine and it's looking really nice. My hope...
Painted MGB headlight bucket with new seal

Restoring the MGB headlight buckets

I hadn't planned on removing the MGB headlight assemblies this year but with the delays in getting the GT back on the road I...
1967 MGB GT interior with Mazda Miata seats

My MGB GT is looking good

I was thinking the other day that even though my 1967 MGB GT restoration has taken longer than I had hoped (in fact it...
MGB engine tappet covers installed

Additional components installed on the MGB engine

This is the exciting phase where with a little work big changes happen. Most of the components and engine covers that I'm installing now...
MGB chain tensioner installed

Timing gears, chain and tensioner are on the MGB engine

The original MGB 18V engine had a single row timing chain that altered the timing to offer more power at the low RPM end....