MGB engine beer can holder

Painting the MGB 18V engine

I finally finished one of my major projects for the fall which was to paint at least one of my engines. It made sense...
Camshaft wear from connecting rod failure

Bought a new camshaft for my MGB GT

With costs mounting by the day I have been debating reusing the camshaft from my original 1967 MGB engine that has about 35,000 miles...
Replacement Lucas Wiring Harness Smoke

Replacement Lucas Wiring Harness Smoke

A new item added to my next Moss Motors purchase. You never know what you might require.
Lots of Rust-Oleum and Tremclad paint cans

I should buy shares in the Rust-Oleum company

I've spent the past few weeks painting many MGB parts and going through many cans of spray paint. While I realize that spraying using...
3 bladed MGB fan freshly painted

Making headway one part at a time

I have no idea how many parts I'm going to be painting on my 1967 MGB GT during the restoration but it sure is...
Oily MGB GT two years ago

My MGB GT was running 2 years ago and look at it now

I just noticed that yesterday marked the 2nd anniversary of getting my 1967 MGB GT running. This happens to be the 2nd anniversary of...
Harbor Freight Blasting Cabinet interior

I finally have my blasting cabinet running

It only took about 9 months but I finally have my cheapo Harbor Freight blasting cabinet working. The best part... it's working beautifully once...
MGB GT transmission tunnel

Removing undercoating is a royal PITA

I'm finally back to work on my 1967 MGB GT as lots of painting needs to be carried out in the next month or...
MGB 18V engine crankshaft with light scoring

Opening another MGB GT engine can of worms

I decided to hone the cylinders on both the 1967 MGB 18GB engine as well as the 1972 MGB 18V engine. The 18GB engine...
Cleaning up the car barn

What to do on a rainy day in MGB GT land

I have started working seriously on my 1967 MGB GT but a little housekeeping was in order down in the car barn to make...