International Speedometer, Pasadena, California

International Speedometer & Car Radio works on the tachometer again

It appears that International Speedometer & Car Radio Sales and Service replaced the MGB GT tachometer on April 12, 1976. This is I think...
Luca 6 volt battery

New MG batteries

It's good to see that old batteries didn't last very long. These days I'm always impressed when I get about 5 years out of...
MGB coolant flush on February 4, 1971

Flushing the MGB cooling system

When's the last time you managed to get your MGB's cooling system flushed for all of $6.00? Granted, at this time gas was likely...
BMC Your Passport to Service cover

BMC Your Passport to Service

This is a cool little service book you got when you bought an MGB in the 60's. At some point I'll have to scan...
Installing a new SU fuel pump in the MGB GT

1967 MGB GT gets a new fuel pump at 9,896 miles

The MGB GT went back to Peter Satori for service on April 30, 1969. This wasn't a scheduled service, the MG needed a new...
Peter Satori Company service for MGB GT at 48,000 miles

1967 MGB GT service at 48,000 miles

My fathers MGB GT went to Peter Satori on November 8, 1976 at 47,995 miles for a relatively expensive service. A typical minor tune...
MGB door latch release handle, Peter Satori Company

Replacing the 1967 MGB GT interior door handle again

These MGB door latch release handles don't last. On July 14, 1970 a door handle was purchased for $1.69. Three years later on December...
Midas Muffler Shops, Pasadena, California

New MGB GT muffler at 54,000 miles

A new muffler was bought for the 1967 MGB GT on April 20, 1978. This is approximately 2 years and 12,000 miles after the...
1967 MGB GT service at 32,000 miles - Peter Satori

1967 MGB GT service at 32,000 miles

The MGB went into Peter Satori for its 32,000 mile service on April 19, 1973. Mileage at the time was 32,232. This was a...
New batteries for the MGB GT, Verbeck Automotive Sales, Pasadena, California

New MGB batteries at 47,000 miles

New batteries were installed in the MGB GT on October 14, 1976 by Verbeck Automotive Sales in Pasadena, California. This is the second set...