BMC Your Passport to Service cover

BMC Your Passport to Service

This is a cool little service book you got when you bought an MGB in the 60's. At some point I'll have to scan...
MGB door latch release handle, Peter Satori Company

Replacing the 1967 MGB GT interior door handle again

These MGB door latch release handles don't last. On July 14, 1970 a door handle was purchased for $1.69. Three years later on December...
Midas Muffler Shops, Pasadena, California

New MGB GT muffler at 54,000 miles

A new muffler was bought for the 1967 MGB GT on April 20, 1978. This is approximately 2 years and 12,000 miles after the...
MGB GT 6,000 mile service at Peter Satori

MGB GT 6,000 mile service

The MG's 6,000 mile service was done at Peter Satori Co in Pasadena on November 20, 1968. Actual mileage at the time was 6,134. Basic...
Luca 6 volt battery

New MG batteries

It's good to see that old batteries didn't last very long. These days I'm always impressed when I get about 5 years out of...
More MGB GT door handles

More new door handles for the MGB GT

On November 25, 1977 two more door handles were purchased from Peter Satori for the MGB GT. At this point I've lost track of...
Bartholomew's Advance Muffler & Auto Service, Pasadena, California

New MGB GT muffler on April 5, 1976

A new muffler was installed in April 1976 at Bartholomew's Advance Muffler & Auto Service in Pasadena, California. While no mileage is given I...
Advance Auto and Muffler Service, Pasadena

New MGB GT muffler at 66,600 miles

Another muffler was purchased from Advance Muffler and Auto Service in Pasadena on March 24, 1981. This is around 12,000 miles since the last...
MG Mitten 1974

MG Mitten, Pasadena, California

Do you remember MG Mitten back in the 70's? They were based locally for us in Pasadena, California and were credited with producing some...
Michelin tires purchased from Timmons and Prosser, Pasadena, California

1967 MGB GT new tires at 27,000 miles

The 1967 MGB GT got new tires again at about 27,000 miles. I'm not sure whether the Pirelli tires were wearing out as planned...