Sexy Audi 80 girl

Audi has good looking girls

Audi got into the act with good looking gals hanging out with their cars in the 60's and 70's like most of the other...
Which would you choose MGB GT or ChildrenWhich would you choose MGB GT or Children

Which would you choose? MGB GT or Children

You can have both with the University rear seat conversion. It seats two fast-growing children in comfort.
"I can not believe it" Gaston thinks in gag

I can not believe it ! Gaston thinks in gag

"I can not believe it!" Gaston thinks in gag, before buying "a very recent MG for this price!"
Bikini gal in trunk at beach

There’s a woman in my trunk

I've never figured out why auto manufacturers thought it was a good plan to advertise their cars with beautiful women hanging out in the...
Win a 1967 Pink Mustang

Wear a Playboy Pink Ford Mustang to match your lipstick

We have seen lots of MGB ads where women are climbing all over the cars, not something that I'm totally in favor of. At...
Maidenform Baseball Chick

Baseball announcer chick in lingerie

We have been serious around here the past week with lots of talk about MGB restoration, a few WTF Craigslist MGB ads and fortunately...
Times Grand Prix 1967, Riverside International Raceway

1967 Times Grand Prix – Riverside International Raceway

I was looking through some old magazines today and came across the program for the 1967 Times Grand Prix Can Am race that was...
Wanted - Husbands for these Girls

Wanted – Husbands for these Girls

This ad is great! You stink, nobody wants you. Wanted - Husbands for these Girls. But a little Lux for Underthings will change your...
Frank Zappa and Alice Cooper 1972

Frank Zappa and Alice Cooper 1972

Where were you in 1972? Frank Zappa and Alice Cooper were at Cal State College in Fullerton, California on November 8, 1972. I never...
MG Mitten 1974

MG Mitten, Pasadena, California

Do you remember MG Mitten back in the 70's? They were based locally for us in Pasadena, California and were credited with producing some...