Burger King - BK Super Seven Incher

Burger King – Blow Your Mind Away

OK Burger King. I'm sure your "Super Seven Incher" is guaranteed to "Blow Your Mind Away." "Fill your desire for something long, juicy and...
Action Pants by Sansabelt

Action Pants! by Sansabelt

I've been working on my MGB GT the past few months so have many restoration items to share and, since winter is here I'll...
Your Mother Wouldn't Like It - Hôtel Taranne Paris

Your Mother Wouldn’t Like It – Hotel Taranne, Paris

The MGB GT made it into the YOUR MOTHER WOULDN'T LIKE IT ads as well. Let's move to Paris where the wine is good...

Mattel’s new M-16 Marauder

Mattel's new M-16 Marauder BRAAP BRRA-A-A-A-AP BRAP BRAP If you think this gun looks great, wait'll you hear it! Can you imagine giving your kid a toy...
This is the MGB

This is the MGB

This is the MGB. You turn it on. It turns you on.
Citroen 2CV sexy babes

Citroën 2CVs are cute

The French have made many interesting cars over the years and certainly the Citroën 2CV is an example. These are very cute cars. It's...
Girl on top of a glass of Guinness

There are only two things a man can’t resist

There are only TWO things a man can't resist... a pint of Guinness and ANOTHER PINT
Two way radio Vespa girl on Mechanix Illustrated

Life before smart phones

Remember when you could survive without having to carry your fancy cell phone with you 24/7? This is when the crazy world of being...
Blue Velvet Motor Oil

“Don’t confuse me…. just add Blue Velvet!”

Ever had your day upset by "Lady you're a quart low!" And then completely ruined by "What kind of oil do you use, Lady?" Never...
Sexy Audi 80 girl

Audi has good looking girls

Audi got into the act with good looking gals hanging out with their cars in the 60's and 70's like most of the other...