Sexy Audi 80 girl

Audi has good looking girls

Audi got into the act with good looking gals hanging out with their cars in the 60's and 70's like most of the other...
MG Mitten 1974

MG Mitten, Pasadena, California

Do you remember MG Mitten back in the 70's? They were based locally for us in Pasadena, California and were credited with producing some...
Your Mother Wouldn't Like It - Hôtel Taranne Paris

Your Mother Wouldn’t Like It – Hotel Taranne, Paris

The MGB GT made it into the YOUR MOTHER WOULDN'T LIKE IT ads as well. Let's move to Paris where the wine is good...
Which would you choose MGB GT or ChildrenWhich would you choose MGB GT or Children

Which would you choose? MGB GT or Children

You can have both with the University rear seat conversion. It seats two fast-growing children in comfort.
I can't cook. Who cares?

I can’t cook. Who cares?

I don't understand this ad as it seems to be an attempt to get the MG owner to buy his squeeze a new bra....
Why doesn't your mamma wash you with fairy soap?

Why doesn’t your mamma wash you with fairy soap?

I'm on a roll here with politically incorrect ads. Check this one out. WTF.. I can't imagine this being popular at whatever time it...
"I can not believe it" Gaston thinks in gag

I can not believe it ! Gaston thinks in gag

"I can not believe it!" Gaston thinks in gag, before buying "a very recent MG for this price!"
My mother always told me to wear pretty panties in case I got hit by a car

My mother always told me to wear pretty panties in case I got hit...

Have you ever wondered what Danica Patrick or Simona de Silvestro wear under their racing firesuits? I'm sure lots of people have or would...
Sooner or later, your wife will drive home one of the best reasons to own a Volkswagen.

Politically incorrect Volkswagen ad

It's amazing what the ad agencies used to come up with. This has nothing to do with MG's but finding these ads is keeping...
Nude Triumph Dolomite girl, what is going on!

Why is everything better in France?

In my huge collection of vintage car ads that I like to browse through Triumph has had some of the most sexist ads of...