I can't cook. Who cares?

I can’t cook. Who cares?

I don't understand this ad as it seems to be an attempt to get the MG owner to buy his squeeze a new bra....
Vivitar Super 8 camera sexist ad

Vivitar Super 8 Camera sexist ad

This fine ad for a Vivitar Super 8 (remember those days?) movie camera must be one of the most sexist of the era. Well,...
This is the MGB

This is the MGB

This is the MGB. You turn it on. It turns you on.

Mattel’s new M-16 Marauder

Mattel's new M-16 Marauder BRAAP BRRA-A-A-A-AP BRAP BRAP If you think this gun looks great, wait'll you hear it! Can you imagine giving your kid a toy...
MG Sebring GT

Aftermarket hardtops for the MGB Roadster

A few companies were producing aerodynamic fibreglass hardtops for the MGB Roadster in the mid 60's. I guess after the MGB GT came out...
Every Car We Test Has Five Wheels MGB GT

Every car we test has five wheels MGB GT

Autocar Road Tests ad from 1970 featuring the MGB GT
Blue Velvet Motor Oil

“Don’t confuse me…. just add Blue Velvet!”

Ever had your day upset by "Lady you're a quart low!" And then completely ruined by "What kind of oil do you use, Lady?" Never...
Painted Citroen 2CV Dolly ad

Very cool Citroën 2CV Dolly ad

Face it, almost every European car lover would love to have a Citroën 2CV. They are cute, French funky, terribly unsafe and lots of...
1969 Ford Cortina take the pledge

1969 Ford Cortina – take the pledge

Before buying your wife a new cross-flow Cortina, make her repeat after you: I WLL see the housework's done before dashing off to show...