Win a 1967 Pink Mustang

Wear a Playboy Pink Ford Mustang to match your lipstick

We have seen lots of MGB ads where women are climbing all over the cars, not something that I'm totally in favor of. At...
The Blue Lady - Sexy lingerie girl cocaine ad

How to sell cocaine in the 1970’s

We haven't run a lingerie image for a while so better get on with it. What's better than a lingerie girl with a gun...
1971 MG MGB flower child with Group 44 racing MGB

1971 MG MGB flower child

It must be 1971 and hippies are hanging out with MG MGB's. I love this flower child's' dress, so 70's. The red in her...
Your Mother Wouldn't Like It - Hôtel Taranne Paris

Your Mother Wouldn’t Like It – Hotel Taranne, Paris

The MGB GT made it into the YOUR MOTHER WOULDN'T LIKE IT ads as well. Let's move to Paris where the wine is good...
Two way radio Vespa girl on Mechanix Illustrated

Life before smart phones

Remember when you could survive without having to carry your fancy cell phone with you 24/7? This is when the crazy world of being...
Which would you choose MGB GT or ChildrenWhich would you choose MGB GT or Children

Which would you choose? MGB GT or Children

You can have both with the University rear seat conversion. It seats two fast-growing children in comfort.
Girl on top of a glass of Guinness

There are only two things a man can’t resist

There are only TWO things a man can't resist... a pint of Guinness and ANOTHER PINT
Merry Christmas for every smoker

Merry Christmas for every smoker

OK, I promise I'll get back to MG related items in the next few days, but after featuring our MG ash tray a few...
Audi bikini girl on the beach.

Cars and Bikinis

We have had lots of MGB restoration posts happening and while this means progress is looking good it also means that there hasn't been...

Mattel’s new M-16 Marauder

Mattel's new M-16 Marauder BRAAP BRRA-A-A-A-AP BRAP BRAP If you think this gun looks great, wait'll you hear it! Can you imagine giving your kid a toy...