The French have made many interesting cars over the years and certainly the Citroën 2CV is an example. These are very cute cars. It’s easy to see why they have such a cult following these days.

I need a car with a big sunroof, perhaps one of these would do.

Citroen 2CV babe
Citroën 2CV babe hanging out
Citroen 2CV girls
Citroën 2CV girls. Lots of space!
Citroën 2CV in front of Eiffel Tower
Citroën 2CV in front of Eiffel Tower
Citroen 2CV in mountains
Citroën 2CV in mountains. Good cruising through North and Sooth America
Citroen 2CV sexy babes
Broken down Citroën 2CV?
Citroën 2CV vintage girl
Citroën 2CV vintage girl


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