This ad proves that you don’t need to have an MG to have an adventure. But what an adventure it is. Can you imaging driving your Plymouth whatever it is with a beautiful Airstream Travel Trailer through the desert, off road? Likely these folks are probably in Death Valley or some other wasteland in the southwest and of course they have a film crew to rescue them when they get stuck. Might need them too as they wander into the sunset with a cute wicker bag full of chips and beer.

It’s a little like the Survivor series that has been so popular on TV the past few years, one of the participants is injured and may not survive unless he gets help quickly. WTF? land the damn helicopter you are filming from and pick the poor dude up if it’s that bad.

Discover Real Travel Adventure! - Airstream Travel Trailers
Discover Real Travel Adventure! – Airstream Travel Trailers


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