Once again the NFL payoffs are beginning here in North America. Yeah, I know most people don’t care, especially in Europe and other areas around the globe where football is a slightly different sport. Regardless of whether you like the American version of football you have to appreciate the “Tailgate Party” however.

Tailgate parties happen before the game and usually involve idiots consuming too much beer and trying to inflict bodily injury either on themselves or perhaps others. To get in the mood grab a case of beer (drink most of the case before pressing play!) and watch the video below of a few idiots in Buffalo, New York being shall we say… ah wait, this is a children’s friendly blog. Let’s just say very stupid and they won’t remember the game. But you must admit, it’s funny in a kind of sad sort of way.

I don’t think anyone dies in this video but be warned… they sure try.

Since we are into Russian themes on this blog I was wondering if the Soviets have an equivalent way of celebrating. You know… music, chicks, open tailgates. This is what I found. Perhaps I need to drink some vodka and continue my search.

Soviet tailgate party
Soviet tailgate party


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