Don’t get ripped off when you buy your MGB GT


If you haven’t stumbled across the web site Jalopnik yet you must live on another planet. Either that or you have found the site but maybe don’t find their sense of humor fUNnY? Anyway, a few days back they were asking for viewers stories about being ripped off and a 1971 MGB GT made the list. Really? What could go wrong buying an old British car that has Lucas parts, was designed to rust within a few years and shouldn’t even be allowed on salted roads in most of the US and Canada?

JamesRL bought this great looking GT in Milwaukee and has a story that we should all read before jumping in to buy an MGB. Of course my first thought is why would anyone in their right mind buy a 1971 MGB GT in such a shithole (sorry Donald, had to do that) place as Milwaukee? But we do all make mistakes. I’m sure James is a very competent used car buyer now.

Check out the story here. Be warned, you have to read through many other stories about being scammed and such, be prepared to get depressed as to where the world has gone.

Don't get ripped off when buying your MGB GT
Don’t get ripped off when buying your MGB GT


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