Daredevil jetman Yves Rossy has done some pretty cool things with his wings but this flight over Dubai must rank near the top. The smallest jet aircraft in the world (I’m assuming we can call the wingsuit a jet) flying around an Airbus A380 (the largest passenger jet) is breathtaking. The first video shows the planning and organizational end of the stunt while the second is the ultra cool flight video of Yves Rossy and his buddy Vince Reffet cruising in formation and performing stunts with the Emirates Airbus A380. Watch this on your huge monitor and crank up the sound.


  1. I’d heard that, due to budget cuts, the Royal Navy will have Aircraft Carriers wuoitht any planes.And I’ve heard that the Army won’t have any more tanks.But, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, don’t tell me this is our new RAF Fighter Plane !!!


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